Light industrial or garage racking

Rack up some space in garages, storerooms and sheds.

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Dura Racking offers extensive garage and home storage solutions, including garage racking, home shelving and storage hooks, which can be tailored to fit your unique needs or bought online to DIY. We can help you kit out your garage, sort out your storage and organise your home. Buy online now or contact us for a custom space optimisation solution.

Racking systems are typically metal structures that are designed to store items and capitalise on vertical space. There are different types of racking systems for every need, but their main aim is to optimise the available space. The type of racking system you need depends on a few things, including budget, the size of the space (floor space and height of room), the size and weight of the items being stored. The main advantage of racking is that it’s flexible and can be adjusted to fit specific requirements. The D60 racking range is the ideal storage solution for residential and domestic application. It was designed to cater to all storage applications. Our automated manufacturing and powder coating plant allows us to cater to high volumes while maintaining the expected high quality. The D-Series range is ideal for space optimisation – no matter the height, width, depth, and load capacity. It is the perfect solution for domestic and light-duty applications such as domestic garages, storerooms or sheds. 


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Perfect for your residential and light industrial storage needs

Heavy duty storage for bulky workshop equipment and garden tools.


Perfect for garden equipment, camping gear and heavy storage boxes.


Keep things organised and save valuable floorspace.


Easy access racking shelves are perfect for storing office files and stock.

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Our light industrial or garage racking solutions include:

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