Mezzanine Floors

Time to go up a level in life.

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Dura Racking offers extensive commercial and industrial storage solutions, including industrial shelving, hook systems and mezzanine floors, which can be tailored to fit your unique needs or warehouse specifications. We can help you kit out your warehouse, sort out your office storage and organise your shop. Contact us for a custom space optimisation solution.

The Dura Racking range of mezzanine floors is designed to optimise your existing floor space by utilising the working height of a building in a cost-effective way. Whether choosing from a rack supported or structural design, we customise the design to your specification to ensure that you operate within a safe load capacity whilst utilising the space adequately. Mezzanine floors also allow you to automate processes by incorporating catwalk and flow racking systems to allow for easy stock picking and delivery.

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Create an office or additional storage space with a custom mezzanine floor
Light Control

Choose the amount of light you need: full light, diffused light or full shade.


Opening it creates an airflow to help keep you cool in summer and closing it helps to retain heat in winter.

Rain Protection

The unique interlocking design helps to redirect water flow off your patio and into gutter systems.

UV Protection

Keeps harmful rays off you and your family, and prolongs the lifespan of patio furniture.

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The benefits of mezzanine floors
  • Storage space – an extra floor in warehouses offers more easily accessible storage space.
  • Safety – a cluttered, overstocked and disorganised warehouse can be a safety hazard. The additional room that a mezzanine floor offers reduces the risk of accidents.
  • No need to move – rather than having to move to a bigger warehouse space, add a mezzanine floor to optimise the current space. 
  • Cost-effective – erecting a mezzanine level in warehouses is an alternative option to expensive renovations or a costly move to a bigger warehouse at a higher rent.

Storage Accessories

Other Dura Racking storage accessories include:
All products can be combined to create a fully customised storage optimisation solution to meet your specific requirements.

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