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Fixed Elegant Awnings

Fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our fixed elegant awnings are ideal for areas that need to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye but functional for water and light control. Water is controlled with our unique gutter system that allows the water flow to be directed off the area. A three-tiered fascia system is then integrated into our elegant awnings, which pleasantly finishes the structure off to create uniformity with the adjustable louvre product.

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Ideal Protection

Ideal for patios, carports, courtyards and walkways that need to be aesthetically pleasing, but functional.

Light Control

Opaque polycarbonate sheets allow a diffused light to filter in without forming hotspots.

Water Control

Our unique gutter system allows the water flow to be directed off your patio.

Aesthetically pleasing

Our 3-tiered fascia system creates pleasant uniformity with the adjustable louvre awnings.

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Perfect for carports and patios

Our fixed elegant awnings are designed for areas like patios, carports (protection for cars, trailers, boats and more) structures, courtyards and walkways that are not ideally suited for adjustable louvre awnings. They create beautifully shaded areas, protected from sun, hail and rain for you to enjoy. Ideal where climate control, product quality, uniformity and aesthetics are needed. Making use of Chromadek IBR sheets ensures that the product has essential corrosion resistance capabilities and rigidity to withstand severe weather. Chromadek is a more modern approach to that of galvanising, as it incorporates galvanised material with a colour bond to enhance the lifespan of the material.

As a customer service, we offer the following adaptations to our Fixed Elegant Awnings:

Our frames are manufactured from mild steel, which is then electroplated for corrosion resistance, and epoxy powder coated for a flawless finish, along with fifteen different fascia colours to complement most colour schemes.

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