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Architectural Facades and Sun Screens

The ultimate in environmental control.

Our architectural facades and sun screens offer ultimate environmental control. They are manufactured to visually enhance a structure and have become regular features in modern-day architecture. The products are designed to be functional, whether it is being utilised as a sun control product or to provide privacy. They are easily adaptable in the conceptualisation or revitalisation phase of any domestic or commercial architectural project.

King Brands is a proudly South African company
Added Climate Control

Prevent unwanted sun from entering rooms, and reduce heat generation and HVAC-related costs.

Sun Protection

Prevent UV rays from damaging interior carpets, furniture and paint work.

Privacy Management

Ensure privacy and access restriction for visual discretion or noise reduction.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Whether you are looking for conformity or contemporary, our range offers boundless options.

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Our architectural products offer added climate control for properties. They can be utilised to prevent unwanted sun from entering a room, thereby reducing heat generation and allowing for a more stable temperature control. This also reduces the costs involved with an HVAC system. By preventing sun penetration, the products also offer sun protection and allow one to prevent UV rays from damaging interior carpets, furniture and paintwork.

The utilisation of screens is an ideal way to manage privacy, access restriction, visual discretion and noise reduction. Whether you are looking for conformity or something contemporary, our architectural facades and sunscreens range provides you with boundless options – for domestic and commercial use.

Our architectural facades and sunscreens are manufactured from premium materials. The panels and fascias are manufactured from either zincalume or powder-coated galvanised material to provide the corrosion capabilities of aluminium, as well as the rigidity of steel for severe weather. We offer fifteen different fascia colours to complement most architectural colour schemes. We are able to offer both adjustable and fixed systems.

Our frames are manufactured from mild steel, and then they are electroplated with corrosion resistance and epoxy powder coated for a flawless finish.

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